Letters with Hunter:
Fear and Loathing on Lockdown

Plunges readers into the chaotic maelstrom of 2020, as Kevin M. Colgan's wild correspondence with the legendary Hunter S. Thompson captures the essence of fear, loathing, and exhilarating madness.

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About the Book

“Letters with Hunter: Fear and Loathing on Lockdown” is an epistolary journey through 2020 in the form of a correspondence between Kevin M. Colgan and the late Hunter S. Thompson. The COVID generated lockdown, Donald Trump histrionics, racially spawned nationwide division and final contested election leading to an insurrection are all covered in this sprawling chronicle. Come take a walk and revisit that unprecedented period. Or, as Hunter would say, “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

You and I might not have known it, but all the while we were biding our time through the pandemic lockdown, a sharp-eyed wicked-tongued chronicler of those difficult days was writing them down for us. Observing the moral malfeasance of the Trump presidency with all of the witty moral outrage of comedian/commentator Lewis Black, and journaling the ups and downs of our Covid plague with both rambunctious humor and horrified empathy, Kevin M. Colgan proves to be the one right correspondent for explaining our fractured recent past to the one right recipient of these letters... the legendary, dead, and undying Hunter S. Thompson.
Quite a concept! Quite a gonzoid immersion! Dive deep and enjoy.

Albert Goldbarth

World renowned writer and two-time recipient of the National Book
Critics Circle award, the only poet to have achieved this twice

About the Author

In the fog-enshrouded hills of San Francisco, Kevin M. Colgan first opened his eyes to the world’s chaotic splendor. Navigating his early years amidst the beats, the hippies, and the ever-evolving spirit of the Bay, he eventually stumbled upon the halls of California State University, Chico, armed with an insatiable thirst for words and the tales they spun. Here, he immersed himself in the tangles of English and dipped his toes in the eddying pools of Creative Writing.

The call of poetry, wild and untamed, led him further into the heartland. At Wichita State University, Kevin sharpened his poetic talons, securing an MFA that bore witness to his dalliances with verses and rhythms. But the man wasn’t just a slave to stanzas. The silver screen whispered in his ear, tales of light and shadow, and soon, Kevin found himself weaving narratives, optioning screenplays that danced between reality and the wild imaginings of his brain.

Kevin’s soul, restless and ever-curious, took him on a whirlwind journey from the dreamlike spires of Prague to the pulsating heart of New York City and to the sun-kissed shores of Lahaina, Hawaii. Yet, today, he negotiates the splaying chaos of Los Angeles, penning his tales, always with a nod to the rebels and the wild-hearted souls he’s encountered on this ride.

In essence, Kevin M. Colgan is a writer, but more than that, he’s a storyteller, a dreamer, and a wayfarer of worlds both real and imagined.

At least that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

"I strongly advise you to stay the hell away from this book."

Hunter S. Thompson

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